We are looking for witnesses or their relatives for the Volksoper Quarter memorial project!

The memorial project “Volksopernviertel 1938” seeks to remember Jewish people who were persecuted, driven out and murdered, as well as raise awareness of people who were persecuted, driven out and murdered on other grounds, such as political or because of their sexual orientation.

The aim of the project is to work with people from the Volksoper Quarter and interested parties to commemorate those persecuted by the Nazi regime and create (artistic) memorial objects.

The starting point for our project is the house at Fluchtgasse 7. At present we are trying to find as many witnesses or the relatives of those affected as possible. Research is focused on the streets between the Volksoper, the Währinger Straße, the Nußdorferstraße an the Fuchsthallergasse.

The length of the research project will be determined by what is possible for the project group, all of whose members are volunteers, and the organisation of which is supported by the Lokale Agenda Alsergrund. Members of the project group include historians and interested individuals from the house at Fluchtgasse 7 and the surrounding area.

Any information, no matter how insignificant it seems, can help the project group to draw as complete a picture as possible of the people of the Alsergrund district who were deprived of their rights, driven out and murdered between 1938 and 1945.
If you are a relative of someone who lived here at that time, or lived here yourself, or if you have any other information about those affected, or have access to documents or other relevant material (including photos), please get in contact!

You can reach us at